Pichalak (Intertwined)*


Pichalak (Intertwined)*- 2 August 2020- Written by Nader Musavi

A friend’s brother was supposed to come from Mashhad; we were going to have a WhatsApp meeting with another friend. I was behind a co-worker’s desk in the archive room among piles of notes and papers. I was looking at the worksheets, and daily notes from previous years caught my eye. I picked up a pack by chance, like an omen card. It was for the previous year. I read some. Each one was more memorable than the next. Every page and line and word was a memory. Six years ago I designed time sheets like this for my co-workers, based on a trigger that has a story behind it.

Fortunately, we have many daily notes from those years; myself, every single co-worker or guest who had came here. Notes that draw you in and mesmerize you. I will write more about these daily notes later.

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