Philosophy for children

Philosophy for children- Written by Nader Musavi- 17 Sep 2020

Although he got his Master degree in English but I just understood that he got a taste in philosophy and he also passed some courses in this field and These two dissimilar fields, affected his good translations of Alain De Botton’s books and “A philosophy of pain” by Arne Johann Waltzen which is just published a few days ago and reached the second edition soon. When I saw his translation of the book “introduction to philosophy” by Alain De Botton which actually was a philosophy book for teenagers, I called him. Mohammad Karimi is my old friend. I asked him about the book and he enthusiastically talked about it and said how beneficial it is for youth and teenagers and he wished to read it himself when he was younger… 

I told him that we are going to buy this book for teachers and TTC interns and he generously gave us 7 volumes of his royalty as a gift to school. I happily accepted and I made him promise and I took his word for holding a philosophy workshop for teachers and he said that it’d be his pleasure to do the favour for school. Other 7 volumes were sent with discounts and this morning was the 1st session and despite of any other person living in a third world country, he was on time and showed up at 8 o’clock in the library. My co-workers had read the book beforehand so the workshop got so challenging and beneficial and when Mr Karimi saw the result; said (in a funny obstinate way): “I swear to God and Sakhi* to keep on holding sessions like this.” And that’s it how the philosophy found its place in our school. Big up to you Dear Mohammad for opening a new door to a new world for our students and co-workers.

*. A holy shrine in Kabul-Mazar Sharif.


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