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Teacher training course

Today the course on the methods of teaching Persian literature which was taught beautifully by Ms. Lotfi, an experienced teacher, and lecturer, ended. In this three-day course, the fundamentals of teaching methods for primary schools were taught and the first and second year of the primary school lessons were taught as case studies. Fortunately, I was also able to participate in this course for two days during which I gained some useful insights from her lessons and lectures. I hope I can put them in use in the coming year. Her knowledge of the teaching methods and readings from the children’s book and chanting with them while teaching was really appreciable. She beautifully mentioned the very simple yet important basic points which every teacher should know and apply while teaching. Our previous colleagues and the new teachers were very happy with the course content and they insisted that they wanted these courses to be followed through the educational year. Before this, she was unaware of the existence of such schools and she was also amazed by the level of knowledge and enthusiasm of our teachers. She also introduced two of her colleagues who will help us with teacher training courses on teaching math and science at primary school level from next week.      

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