Our Teacher, Maliha Noori



I teach at a self-regulating (independent) school. After I started working here, I saw all of the opportunities students have, how they could accomplish their goals here. Even though it’s not a big or rich school, I could see how a small kid with big goals and dreams could come here and find happiness within their friends and teachers. At first, it didn’t make sense to me, but when I got to know them and understand their hearts more, my behavior, outlook, and opinion changed.

When I first began this job I didn’t take it too seriously, nor did I value it, but then I decided to get serious and become the teacher that these kids deserve. I worked hard to learn every aspect and technique of teaching, no matter how big or small, and used it in the classroom.

Students are often faced with values at home that contradict what they learn at school. At home, they are told not to talk to, or interact with people from a certain ethnicity group, or people with certain physical characteristics, or religious beliefs. At the school of hope, however, they would learn to question that. They would notice that their teacher has all of those attributes and characteristics that their parents didn’t approve of, but they are very nice and kind and work hard for them. They would notice that their best friend has those attributes and characteristics too, but they are also very nice and kind. In turn, the student decides not only to stop listening, following, and accepting these opinions, but to change their parents’ ideas and outlooks about people too.

Through this valuable lesson their personality forms, and they realize that one of the biggest problems that Afghanistan faces has been a lack of understanding and respect, the seed of all of its religious and ethnic conflicts. As a result, they gain a new outlook and begin understanding people more, more than their parents, and more than whoever misjudges the people of Afghanistan.

Written by Ms.Noori


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