Our hands are kind together!

Our hands are kind together!- Written by Nader Musavi- 6 November 2017

Last week, Mrs. Rouhani came to our school with her honorable mother. Amir-Ali was also with them. Amir-Ali is the son of the security guard of their residential complex. An intelligent, cute boy who speaks so sweetly. I think he is four or five years old. A few days ago, Ms. Rouhani sent me text messages & asked about Farhang school, expressing her concerns about the refugee child who is not granted a residence permit and might be dropped out of school in the future. I asked how old is he? She said: “he is four and a half years old.” I laughed and said: “Dear lady Rouhani, there are still two years left until he wants to go to school! are you really worried about it now?” She said: “I myself will not stay in Iran for a long time, I am worried that this boy will be deprived of education in the future.” I said: No need to worry about this, thousands of unexpected things that we don’t know may happen within two next years, after all, there is such a situation in Iran that most Afghan refugees can not even plan for their next year, but you are already worried about how Amir-Ali is going to go to school two years later?! I said that there is this probability that Amir-Ali and his family will be granted legal residency permits by then, so that Amir-Ali will be allowed to go to an Iranian public primary school; If not, Farhang primary school is here for such children.

For Afghan refugee students it is not required to present an identity card or residency permits to get enrolled in Farhang School, it is enough to know that Kachalou* is potato? Despite all of these, she said: “I want to come and see the Farhang school enviroment up close.” Finally, on Saturday, she came with her honorable mother, who is one of the angelic and virtuous ones, and despite being sick, She patiently and meticulously assessed the environment of all the classrooms and asked about school curricula. They seemed to be very happy & pleased to see the children and the atmosphere of our school, They thanked and encouraged the educational team of Farhang school for their efforts to educate refugee children. Amir-Ali and his mother were along with them.

Amir-Ali had a slight stutter that had concerned them so they asked about its treatment. I said it is not a serious problem and it can get better slowly when he is among his peers, and of course, they were also going to take him for speech therapy. When they left, I was wondering what could make someone to spend lots of her time to pursue solving the educational problems of another family’s child, despite all the troubles she herself has. Certainly it will be nothing but compassion, true love and humanity. I wish all families to be considerate about their children’s education like this. I wish a happy life, good health and prosperity for you lady Dordaneh and your noble mother, because you are considerate, striving & taking actions for the education of Amir-Ali and all other refugee children.

*Kachalou: means Potato in Afghanistan’s Farsi dialect (Dari).



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