Oh, my Basement..


Oh, my Basement…- Written by Nader Musavi- 26 April 2016

From 2004 to 2011, we used to publish children’s magazines and books and send them from this deep, cavernous and dome shape basement to  most immigrant students in Iran.
Several student competitions, distribution of school books and preparing [Afghanistan] Department of Education files were some of the activities we used to do here.
Children letters from furthest countryside villages, brick factories and dairy farms belonging to “landlords or masters” were received here. [many Afghan families live in poverty inside brick factories and dairy farms while they are working there] The postman used to bring bags of letters twice a week. Recently, we got to be friends with him and even sometimes drank a cup of green tea with him inside the basement.
Lots of independent school principals also came down to this basement through its stairs. They came from all over the country, from Shiraz, Zahedan, Khorasan, Zanjan and Kerman. [names of five provinces in different parts of Iran]
This basement was shut down twice by the government due to serving self-governing schools, so we had to hide all documents in a bathroom for about a month.
Yesterday, we just painted the basement with my dear friends and school colleagues, Mr. Nowruzi and Mousavi. They also took a rug which I put there twelve years ago.
These days, with the help of my talented friends, and tired me, we have a new plan for the basement.
This photo was taken by Mohammad Ali, while he was painting!

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