Nikoo day and the memory of the old days

Nikoo day and the memory of the old days- Written by Nader Musavi- Velaa cultural center , Ray county , Tehran- 29-01-2014

Today was the graduation ceremony and seminar of the Nikoo foundation’s apprentices, a foundation in Tehran which offers educational programs for Immigrants, containing topics such as computer, language learning and kindergarten teacher tutelage. The event was held from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Because of my assistance, I was invited too. I had some works to do in school, so I arrived there about 10:00. It was the break time; the time to rest , eat and see!

A big crowd of people were gathered there, mainly consisting of the foundation’s apprentices themselves. Some school principals and former teachers were also there. For the first time in the recent years, I was attending a ceremony which my former colleagues , including Ms. Vaezi , Mr. Balkhi ,  Ms. Ghassemi , Ms. Khavari , Mr. Kazemi from Kashan (alongside his usual bodyguards) and some other were also its attendants. I was glad to meet them, as they were amazed to meet me, after a long period of absence in the gatherings. The ceremony had a good regulation and discipline, not as good as what you expect from a Japanese manager. maybe this is because of their infection with the third world’s atmosphere of irregularity. I was there for about an hour. One of the fellow photographers took this photo. Nikoo seminar had became more pleasant because of a nice clean and sunny weather and a light wind blowing. Though I had a nasty feeling since the morning.

This event reminded me of the old days when there was lots of gatherings organized for different reasons, by coalitions of autonomous schools , specially the council of school patronage and with the effort of my dear friend, Mr. Moradi. Events and feasts which not only resulted in a convergence among school principals and teachers, but also brought us the joy of exchanging experiences , group activity ,and motivation. But in recent years, because of the representative’s incompetence and egotism, which caused him to not only do nothing, but also sabotage the acts of those willing to help, resulting in an expansion of the atmosphere of distrust among compatriots and a disinclination to organize any cheerful and high-quality ceremony like before.

Wishing the best for the future of academics and activists of immigrant children’s education.

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