Fars News Agency- The meeting on reviewing the educational status of Afghan self-governing schools in Iran

The meeting on reviewing the educational status of Afghan self-governing schools in Iran. Mr. Mousavi: “Self-governing schools provided valuable experiences for refugees.” Sharing the experiences of self-governing schools with Afghanistan. Date: 1395/02/13 (2016/05/02) 13:15 News ID: 13950213000320

The director of Farhang (self-governing) school called the self-governing schools one of the the purest public institutions that are not affiliated with any party, and said: “Self-governing schools provide valuable experiences for refugees, and the best schools in Afghanistan belong to those who have experiences of teaching in self-governing schools in Iran. According to the website of Fars News Agency in Afghanistan, Seyed Nader Musavi, the director of Farhang self-governing school, At the meeting, “Critique and Review of Educational Status of Afghan Refugee Self-Governing Schools in Iran” along with “Appreciations to all teachers and exemplary students” while congratulating the Teacher’s Day, especially to the teachers of self-governing schools, said:” We hope the day in which a lot of other standard educational opportunities are provided so that the Afghan students no longer have to go to self-governing schools as their only choice. The motivations of teachers and students for teaching and learning. The director of Farhang Self-Governing School enumerated the most important motivations in self-governing schools: “first the students eagerness to study and learn, second, deep attachment of teachers for the nurture of students, these together led to increased efficiency, the same high motivations are essential factors to achieve the goals.” He pointed out that the poor conditions of self-governing schools in the early years & said: ” Self-governing schools did not have proper facilities such as desks and benches, and there was a lack of school textbooks for students, at the beginning we tried to provide at least the minimum facilities and conditions and confront the educational vacuum.” Referring to his experiences during more than 17 years of activity in self-governing schools, Mousavi said: “After 17 years of work, I’m glad to see that my students, despite all the hardships, are now educated, some of them are now teachers.” Valuable experiences of self-governing schools. Mr. Musavi stated that he has written a dissertation on the functions of self-governing schools during his master’s degree: “This dissertation discusses what we have done for the students in these schools and shares our experiences by investigating the functions of self-governing schools.” He said:” refugees have gained valuable experiences in self-governing schools. From these schools, cultural courses and publications have emerged and provided a wide field for women’s activism, more than 90 percent of the teachers at these schools are Afghan women educated in Iran, these schools provided valuable experiences for the Afghan refugee community.” Self-governing schools are true public institutions. Referring to the benefits of self-governing schools and sharing their experiences to other schools in Afghanistan, Musavi said: ” The best schools in Afghanistan belong to those who have the experience of teaching in self-governing schools, there are schools in Afghanistan cities, like Herat, whose principals have taught in self-governing schools before. Self-governing schools are the purest public institutions, which have never been affiliated with any party or group, and we tried to prevent Afghan refugee children from being deprived of education because of strict laws or financial problems, through setting up these schools. The director of the Farhang Self-Governing School said: “there are some problems with the refugee community that have to be scrutinized academically by experts and a lot of works and efforts on these defects is needed to make them fixed. Afghan children who can study and become educated in Iran, they will be good citizens if they stay in Iran, and best cultural ambassadors if they return to Afghanistan.” Lack of proper announcements about student enrollment in Iran. He praised the Iranian leader’s emphasis on educating Afghan students and said:” Despite his order, there was no proper announcements on when and how Afghan children can be enrolled in public schools. we hope that this opportunity will be implemented next year and every Afghan refugee student will be able to study in any school he/she wants. At the end of his speech, Musavi noted that Afghan students have written numerous letters for Iranian officials and requested them several times. he read letters of two little Afghan students, Mustafa Rezaei and Misagh Hosseini, who wrote to the Supreme Leader. At the end of the meeting: “a review of the educational status of Afghan refugee self-governing schools in Iran” that was held at Fars News Agency. A number of exemplary teachers and students were honored. Especially Mr. Nader Mousavi as the most experienced teacher in Farhang self-governing school.

FarsNews Agency The meeting on reviewing the educational status of Afghan self-governing schools in Iran-

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