Moon and fish

Moon and the Fish
Author: Mohammad Hossein Mohammadi, Illustrator: Ahlam Faez
First edition: 2020_Kabul and Tehran

The book “Moon and the Fish” is a story of love and friendship, and by reading it, the child enters a subtle world and get acquainted with another dialect of Persian.
Ahlam Faez, the illustrator of the book “Moon and the Fish”, has created images that are full of novelty for the child. He combines the characters of giraffes, bears and birds with the story to diversify the main characters of the book. Faez portrays the friendship of “Moon and the Fish” with indescribable enthusiasm and the conclusion of the story is very valuable to him.
In this category, he has been awarded several national and international awards and has exhibited his work in various cities in Iran.

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