Miss Hasani’s class

Miss Hasani’s class- Written by Nader Musavi- 05-06-19

After my exercise, I came to the school and talked to the students about the world laughter day which was yesterday. World laughter day takes place on the first Sunday of May of every year. Today we laughed for a while and we decided to have a competition tomorrow, whoever laughs longer wins. As students went to their classes I came out and saw Miss Hasani, telling a story for her students and then after that read the final lesson of the Persia literature book. I listened and took this short video.
Miss Hasani is one the best teacher in here and has been teaching for seventeen years to first graders.
More than half of the people in this neighborhood were her students. Only she can bring students to school even on Fridays.

All the best Miss Hasani!

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