Milad, his drawing, and the poem he wrote by heart

Milad, his drawing, and the poem he wrote by heart- Written by Nader Musavi- 12/04/2017

Aimless, indifferent, no dream unto cling I am immersed in a dark well pit One night, this breath will say stop! This Will stop beating then A blind bird will come and open its wings It’ll drag my soul after it Today, Milad came to sign up for school and was accompanied by his smaller sister and his twin brother, Mahdi. It has been around two or three weeks since they came from Afghanistan. Milad has studied until grade five, and Mahdi until grade four. But now, they will both sit in 3rd grade.

After they signed up, I asked them to draw and write about their dreams. Milad, who seemed to be a bit quiet and reserved, created this drawing and wrote that poem on top of it. When I asked about their life in Kabul he answered, “In Afghanistan, no one thinks about children, no one properly educates children, families don’t think about their children, people in Afghanistan don’t think about each other, they just fight, and there is sounds of guns and bullets…” When we talked more, I understood he is very upset of the situation in Afghanistan, the war, and the school he had. I asked him “Which do you like more, Iran or Afghanistan?” He answered, “Although Afghanistan is my country but, there is nothing more there than war, sound of bullets, illiteracy and destruction. The teachers there don’t teach us properly. We would go to school from 6:30 to 9:30 and we were 45 students in one class, we wouldn’t learn anything.” He said “I was born in Iran and I like it here. Children here are comfortable and no one bothers them.”
To hear such words from a child and to read a poem he wrote filled with despair, pain and death, was agonizing for me and also, a sign that shows the devastating situation children of Afghanistan are growing up in. His father isn’t well off either; he has no job yet, not even furniture or anything else. I gave the three of them the bags and stationeries our friends had kindly donated to us. We talked more and I tried to make them hopeful towards studying well and took pictures with them. The root of Afghanistan’s misery is hidden it its education and the children that grow up in such dire situations, a disappointed generation hopeless towards their future, their country and its grown-ups. With such children and education, how can we be hopeful for the future of this land? ☹



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