3 July 2017- Primary school library


Yesterday, I went to the library and saw Ms. Ataie, our great colleague in primary school. She was busy with organizing this year’s and the previous year’s papers. The pile of paper was gathered in the span of the last three or four years and consists of the timesheets of colleagues and students, Letters, stories, etc. Pages that hold memories and writings of our students and colleagues. Each of which is worth reading and makes us recall memories of the efforts and endeavors of educated children. After being organized, these pages are going to be scanned and archived on the computer and finally made into a book and kept as a memento.

The most interesting papers are the dairies of colleagues from their workdays, which were written once weekly and would explain events from their week. Their daily arrival and leaving timesheets are also interesting and involve beautiful handwritten messages. Other papers are of the letters that the students had written for their teachers and classmates. All that is left from these days are these pages, writings, and memories.

Anything else will get lost in time. Occasionally a colleague asks what I’m going to do with all these papers and canvases. As a joke, I tell them that I’ve asked to be wrapped up in these canvases when I die, which are more efficient for the job than shrouds and use the books instead of bricks for my grave walls. This way when the angels of death arrive, they will go easy on my bad deeds. Teachers in developing countries, especially the Afghan immigrant type, suffer enough and I don’t believe they will need to go through infernal punishments.


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