Majid Ahamadinia

Majid AhmadiniaHe’s one of the most amazing and energetic people I know. He loves children and takes care of them and their families even with their financial issues. It’s been almost twenty years that he devoted himself to Afghan kids, those refugees who couldn’t enroll in Iranian schools, those who are forced to work hard all days to help their parents and siblings. He established a publication to publish books and magazines, especially for kids. He encourages his students to read a lot and write daily. Whenever you see him, he talks about those archived writings so passionately and shows the papers to you. He also asks the school teachers and staff to write about their experience at school, about their days. I know him for about four years, we text to each other, we call, we meet and we talk about thousands of refugee children who were supported by him educationally and financially. Some of them tried to make a way to Europe, where they could have an ID, have better .access to primary and higher education, and someday find a job they like and live life to the fullest He’s Nader Musavi , the principal of Farhang (literally means culture) School In the video you can see him singing a folk Afghan song, named “Mulla Muhammad Zhaan” (Dear Mulla Muhammad), at the end of a semester celebration, February 2020

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