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Today, the third session of the teacher training course with Mr. Yaqubi entitled “teaching skills of a professional teacher” has ended. In this three-day course which started at 8 am and ended at 12:30 pm each day, some interesting topics were covered. I was also present most of the time and tried to learn new things. It was a very engaging class where the participants were divided into three-people groups. They were quite enthusiastic and they challenged and discussed each topic and gave their opinion. It was a fully-engaging class. The participants were very happy in the end with the discussed materials and they found them positive and applicable. Mr. Yaqubi, who was previously working in our school, is now a Ph.D. candidate in the educational science in the Tarbiat Modarres (Teacher training) University in Hesarak, Karaj, Iran. In these teacher training courses, 18 participants including both new and previous teachers are registered from which the teachers for the following year are chosen. These days that I have to leave home early, I can feel the atmosphere of the first month of school which is both sweet and a bit stressful. The summer was very fruitful for the school and the colleagues whom we’ll be working with this educational year. I was happy that most of our students were registered in public schools and I hope that we can close this school next year, not with sorrow but with happiness. However, we hear that the validity of the issued passports may probably not be extended, in which case, unfortunately, many students cannot participate in the public schools and we will be left with numerous students who have been expelled from the public schools. Right now we have to think about a solution to this potential situation. God, I hope no kid is forced to leave school.   

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