Last Days of Spring- World Refugee Day

Last Days of Spring- World Refugee Day

Last Days of Spring- World Refugee Day- 20 June 2020- Written by Nader Musavi

I came to the library to write the letter of request for next year’s student books. “We are not giving you a single book unless you do as we say” they said. I was sitting, depressed, when the schoolmaster called to ask me to check the teachers’ and students’ diaries, which she had organised and sent to the library. At moments like this, when I am bored and bothered and even breathing is hard for me, the only thing that makes me happy is the students’ laughter and joy, or their writings. The school is closed, so I went to look at the diaries. I happily opened the packets and I read some of them. Most of them were well written. This plan started in the last days of February before the school was closed. I had a great plan for writing these diaries, but the Coronavirus didn’t allow us to make it work. I read a story written by the teacher of fourth grade. It was about her naughty student; a girl with dimples and a good sense of humour, and about her getting angry with people and then making friends.

The other stories were about students missing their classmates and teachers. I checked the attendance lists and students’ progress reports for the online classes. Despite all the struggles and challenges in these last four months, fortunately they have studied well. I left the library, and on my way home from school, the path I’ve been walking for 20 years, I found out that today was World Refugee Day. A day of celebration for all the refugees who didn’t, haven’t, and won’t find any refuge. I got home and I saw the third new blossom on my lucky plant. I whispered to the flower to remind it of the things I wanted from it this year, and for it not to forget its job. Since the pandemic started, I’ve taken selfies on both sides of the highway each time I have crossed this bridge. This photo is one of them.

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