Koodak Press: Poetry and writing classes for Afghan children

According to Koodak Press, Mr. Nader Musavi, the director of Koodakan-e Aftab Monthly magazine, at the unveiling ceremony of “Koodakan-e Aftab” website, which was held in the office of ‘Home of Afghanistan Children’, referring to the vacancy of proper books about Afghanistan for children, said: “We tried to fill this gap with Nowruz courier magazines, quarterly or periodical magazines for refugee children, the Nowruz courier magazines called “The Red Anemone” that we have publish since 1381 (2002) and we decided to continue it professionally.” He also added: “That was a great experience for me and my colleagues, fortunately we could manage to get a legal publishing license under the title ‘Koodakan-e Aftab’. ” Mr. Musavi clarified that: “This magazine tries to introduce the achievements of Afghan children or elite people who can be role models for children. Also about Afghanistan, emphasizing on its positive features and describing the possible bright future of Afghanistan. All the contents of the magazine is focused on these issues, and on the other hand, we try to expand the original Persian language too.


Writing training workshops at the Home of Afghanistan children

Mr. Musavi announced the beginning of writing training sessions in the office of the Home of Afghanistan children and said: “We’ve planned to hold poetry and writing training sessions taught by Mr. Hassan Norouzi, who is one of the best children’s poets himself.” Noting that the Afghan society has always had great writers and poets in the adult sector, Mr. Musavi lamented that there are fewer authors working in the children’s sector and said: “Unfortunately, the poetry and story sector for children is very poor.” He added: “We try to provide poetry and writing training workshops for children so that we will be able to train good writers and poets for the refugee community in the future.”

Donations for expanding the Koodakan-e Aftab Monthly magazine

Mr. Musavi asked all lovers and fans of children’s literature, Persian language and Afghanistan to help and support Koodakan-e Aftab Monthly magazine. Many refugee families in Iran as well as families inside Afghanistan would like to provide this monthly magazine for their children. Those who are interested, can cover many children and deliver the magazine to them on a monthly basis, with the cooperating with the Home of afghan children and paying the subscription fee.

Those who are interested can refer to the Koodakan-e Aftab website at http://www.koodakaneaftab.com


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