Goodbye Syrian flowers

Poems by Ghahar Asi
published in 2018


Goodbye Syrian flowers 

Asi, however, is a master of lyric poetry. His poetry has a lyrical nature without any controversy, which is full of emotion and intimacy thanks to its simple and unpretentious language and thanks to its native and rural words; Like running and clear water. So strong that it covers all the structural, linguistic and technical weaknesses of his poetry as a whole. His lyric has another world. His delicacy and finesse in this aspect of his work are quite the opposite of his epic. In the lyric, it is as if Asi is another human being and of another gender. Without playing with the literary technics, he chews and softens the spirit of the words.

I have forgotten the pain of the heart, the sorrow of the sea,

I have completely forgotten the love story

The color of the garden has faded because of my autumn

 I have forgotten Leila’s delicate laughs

The moments that I grew them up as a soul

 I have forgotten those dreams and thoughts

 A broken instrument was playing my soul and body

 I called him my friend, but I have forgotten

Rhythmic design, colorful role, the completion of beauty

 What was legible since then, I have forgotten  Selected by Kaveh Gibran

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