The pokey house

A Novel by Maryam Mahbub Published in 2018

The Pokey house

Maryam Mahboob is an Afghan writer best known for her writings on Afghan immigrants and patriarchy in Afghan society. Mahboub was born in Maimana, Afghanistan in 1955. She completed her secondary education in Kabul and studied for a master’s degree at the University of Tehran. After the Russian occupied Afghanistan in 1979, Mahboub left the country and first moved to Pakistan and then to Delhi, India in 1981. Mahboub, along with other Afghan immigrants, launched the Gahnama (Irregular Magazine) magazine to express cultural resistance against this country. Both the communist government of Afghanistan and the Mujahideen. However, in facing with Mujahideen pressure on Afghan community in India, she immigrated to Canada in 1983. Mahboob produced most of her original fiction during her stay in the Diaspora. Her works focuses on the oppression and marginalization of women, while at the same time expressing protesting against social norms and attitudes toward women.

Part of the book:
The scorching sun cast long shadows on the ground. Sweat dripped from my forehead and through my long hair. I saw towards people, I looked at people, at tall and short people, fat and thin, women with chadors and without chadors, some of them stood for a while and took a sharp look through the chador at me or at the painting. they looked at me and some of them hurried away. Their shadows were moving behind them. Suddenly I saw a familiar face. He was the same young man who had come yesterday. He stared at me mysteriously for a while then said (let me pay for the painting)

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