Javid- Written by Nader Musavi- 7 September 2020

Despite looking much younger, we registered him in the first grade on the insistence of his mother who told us he’s six. He went to school with his elder brother, Fayyaz. He was a cheerful and energetic boy. Whenever I went to school, he ran to me and shook hands with me. Two days ago he came here for registration, with his mother and brother. I was going out when I saw him sitting on in front of the school, with a happy and carefree face. He was enjoying his chocolate milk. Some of his teeth had fallen out recently and this made his face even cheerier. I talked to him a bit and he answered me with a pleasant smile. Three months of lockdown and online classes starting in Esfand (March) meant that some of the younger kids had forgotten what they’d studied and hadn’t learnt anything new. Also, most families don’t know the exact age of their children, and to stop their other children being lonely in school or have the youngsters running around at home, they send their underage children to school, irritating both themselves and teachers. I hope that my dear Javid learns how to read and write better this year. I also hope that he can fulfil his dreams of being a doctor, and that he doesn’t forget his teachers and principal! Also that he keeps the promises he made today. Today he teased me with his youthful honesty.

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