It’s Mehr again (September – the start of the school year)

It’s Mehr again (September – the start of the school year)- Written by Nader Musavi- 16 May 2020

Yesterday, after a break of three months, some of the children came back to school with their teachers. 4-5 students from each class with complete protective equipment. The classrooms were sanitised beforehand, and there was a mat in front of the door to wipe their shoes. Students washed their hands as soon as they entered the school and sat in the class with social distancing rules in place. They went straight home after the class. Classes ran for only one hour. Our staff had planned for this and only asked students with low grades, or without access to smart phones, to come to class. The school assistant principal was watching them all the time to ensure all the guidelines were followed. Training and education under these circumstances is really hard, especially in summer, but we have no choice and we need to look for creative solutions. Thankfully most of the children followed the rules. Masks were handed to students who didn’t have any after they washed their hands. In addition to the happiness of seeing the children at school, I was excited to read their daily journals! They all had 20-30 pages each. The journals were about the emotions and feelings of their everyday life in this Corona situation. Stay safe from COVID-19 my dear children!


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