It was raining…

Jalal Award Festival

It was raining…- 6 January 2018

Vahdat Hall l – the 10th Jalal Award Festival;

With Writing course students and Ms. Moshtaq their writing teacher.
It was raining* and we did not have an umbrella!

P.S.: Adapted from a lyric by my esteemed friend and famous Afghan poet Seyed Zia Ghasemi

“Every day I came across this old river
With a jug، to hear the song of water
I share my thirst with the fish
I shed my heart’s grief
This river revive my memories
The bitterness of that day, early in the morning;
It was raining and you came with an umbrella
Red flowers were blooming on your way
“On your head are the wheels of women.”
My love was in the air
Spinning around your head like love birds
Love birds and what if the Sky
Would open a green window from behind the cloud
But you have gone beyond the sky
I’m seared at this livid shores.”

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