Is the poem of friendship

All children are alike

An Afghan or from Iran

They shine pure and bright

Like stars for the caravan

Our hands together

Kind to one another

Our hearts so empty

Of sorrow and suffer

We’ll sing once again

Beautiful is friendship

Tomorrow’s sunny poem

Is the poem of friendship

My roots run deep

To love they cling

My leaves grow green

For I am spring

Give me your hands

Make bridges when we reach

Happiness and laughter

Are flowers to us each

Your name we adore

Oh beloved Iran

Your soil we sow

Our loving Afghanistan

I’ll spread my wings

And fly to your eyes

When you set eyes on me

From beauty I will rise

I rejoice for I am,

With you I began

Together we bring peace

To a world of mayhem

Your name is beautiful

It gives reason to live for

Freedom and peace

Is what we strive for.

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