Iranian Association of Writers for children and youth (Nevisak) nominees for the Alma 2023

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Iranian Association of Writers for children and youth(Nevisak) nominees for the Alma 2023

14 June 2022

Iranian Association of Writers for Children and youth has issued a statement nominating Farhad Hassanzadeh(author) and Noshafarin Ansari (book-reading promoter) as Iranian nominees and Seyed Nader Musavi as nominee in the Book-Reading Promoters’ category from Afghanistan for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial award in 2023. This Association is one of the four Iranian institutions that can nominate qualified figures for this prestigious award, and since 2017, it has nominated its nominees every year based on the expert opinions. The association statement is as follows:

In the name of the Lord of Childhood
Introducing the nominees of Iranian Association of Writers for children and youth for Astrid Lindgren Memorial award(Alma) in 2023

Iranian Association of Writers for children and youth, based on the votes of majority of the members in final selection committee for the Alma in 2023, announced Farhad Hassanzadeh and Noushafarin Ansari as the Iranian nominees in Writers and book reading promoters categories and Sayyed Nader Musavi is introduced as book reading promoter from Afghanistan to the secretariat of this award.

Farhad Hassanzadeh, with nearly four decades of writing stories for children and adolescents, and creating literary works that have been welcomed by the audience and have receiving various domestic and international awards and paying serious attention to the attractiveness of works among children and adolescent readers, paying attention to the diversity of styles and audiences, proposing new and up-to-date themes in stories, creating literary works in various formats, including humor, active and effective participation in founding specialized institutions, paying attention to storytelling training and founding A magazine that is all about children and adolescents participating in his workshops, influential activities in special publications for children and adolescents, paying attention to current issues of society including the topic of modern girls and femininity in today’s world, and addressing universal human values ​​such as Peace, friendship and children’s rights, looking at war from different angles, as well as writing works on the environment and the protecting endangered species, according to the majority of members of the final selection committee in Iranian Association of Writers for children and youth, is nominated for Alma in Writers category, in 2023.

It should be noted that in recent years, in addition to previous achievements, such as receiving appreciation plaques from Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2018 and 2020, honorary diploma from IBBY at the 36th Congress of Children’s Literature in Greek(2018) and his works translated to English, Armenian(in Armenia), Spanish (in Spain), Istanbul Turkish and Azerbaijani(in Turkey and Republic of Azerbaijan), Chinese(in China), Swedish(in Sweden), Arabic(in Egypt and Syria), Korean(in South Korea) were other reasons to select this author.

Dr. Nooshafarin Ansari, for about 6 decades of scientific activity from writing to education and research in the field of books, librarianship and promotion of book reading among children and adolescents, ‌ Participating in administration and establishment of public institutions to promote the culture of book reading, mainly being a member in board of directors of Children’s Book Council, participation in establishing the Children and Adolescents encyclopaedia Institute based on the voluntary participation of interested parties, scientific and professional efforts and activities to systematize public activities in the field of book reading and establishing rural libraries. Attendance of International and domestic meetings in the field of children and adolescents books, continuous efforts to observe and promote quality standards in the field of children’s books, paying attention to children with special needs in book reading promotion activities, honorary membership of the International Book bureau for youth and receiving a plaque of honor, and compiling and publishing effective books on the formation and development of libraries and the book reading promotion with the vote of the majority of the members of the final committee in Iranian Association of Writers for children and youth, is nominated for Alma in Book reading promoters’ category.
Nader Musavi, author, teacher and book reading promoter with more than two decades of continuous cultural efforts and activities in the field of education and book reading promotion among Afghan children and adolescents living in Iran, for promotional-research activities, compiling and publishing books and magazines for children and adolescents, Establishing self-governing schools with libraries for Afghan children living in deprived and migrant areas of Iran, efforts to ensure that migrant children are not deprived of standard education, encouraging children to read, establishing reading clubs in deprived migrant areas, introducing Afghan immigrant children to their homeland and encouraging them to read and research in this field, making effort to foster the creativity of immigrant children and help deprived and hard-working Afghan children to speak up and be heard, based on the majority vote of the final selection committee in Iranian Association of Writers for children and youth, is nominated for Alma in book reading promoters category from Afghanistan.

It should be noted that Iranian Association of Writers for children and youth based on its approved regulations, formed an 11-member committee last March to review the works and activities of individuals in each field, and after exchanging views and discussions, select the candidates and introduce them to the board of directors of the association. The members of the committee were:

Secretary of the Committee (Reyhaneh Jafari), 3 members of the Board (Afsoon Amini, Mahmoud BarAbadi and Manaf Yahyapour), 6 writers and experts members of the Association (Farzaneh Aghapour, Jamaluddin Akrami, Masoumeh Ansarian, Marjan Fooladvand, Masood Malekiari and Mahdi Yousefi) and an active person in the field of children and adolescents books and book reading from non-members(Shokoufeh Samadi).

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