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Interview of The Director of The House of Afghan Children with Shahrvand

Hear the voice of immigrant children  Tahmineh Hadadi

We interviewed Mr.Nader Musavi, Director of The House of Afghan Children and the Chief Editor of Children of Sun magazine during the National week of child. Mr.Musavi is the director of Farhang Private School dedicated to Afghan children and is touched strongly with the problems of immigrant children in Iran. He expresses his satisfaction with being involved with Afghan students at National schools. He mentioned that acceptance of these students from their Iranian peers’ side requires promoting the culture of not calling Afghan students foreigners. 

Initially, Musavi said access to education was a challenge for Afghan children during last year. He graduated from the literature faculty of Tehran University and said: “In my opinion, one of the most important challenges of immigrant children is haven’t access to education. Although some actions are taken as solutions for this problem but still vocational and model schools, and schools for smart people don’t accept these students. As such a problem is solved in the ministry and high directory sectors but still children and students are facing such problems. The point is that still the immigrant children apart from their nationality are not considered as the same students among their classmates and by some of their teachers. 

The municipality of Farhang School determined that alongside the education minister’s effort still some Afghan children are deprived of education. Those children who are living in the city other than the city where their parents’ is issued do not include any of these plans to enter the school. Also, there are children who are above the legal age for entering each class and can not study at the National School. On the other hand, there are some children that couldn’t get the educational supporting papers because of their parental negligence. The other group considering that immigrants are living in one of the most crowded regions in the cities schools are full and they can’t join the school. Another case is that the boarding schools usually enroll students while they pay and according to the economic situation of immigrant families the number of children is not possible to pay the price and the child stays far from education. 

Musavi said: “The other challenge is the lack of Identity for immigrant Afghan children because these children won’t get used to Iranian culture because they know one day they will leave Iran to Afghanistan. Also, there won’t be any interest and knowledge about their homeland. Finally, they find themselves as strangers and homeless. In my opinion, it is better to get some books for increasing interest among these children about their homeland and prepare them mentally for the time of returning to their country. It will also prevent them from being anonymous. They also will feel responsible for the future of their country. Such feelings will help them to reach out a great achievement and when they are adults will return to their country with desire. 

He emphasized again the most highlighted problem of Afghan Children is not being accepted among Iranian children. The immigrant child labor and poverty of their families and the lack of acceptance among Iranian children at schools and in the families and considering them as strangers is another challenge on their way and sometimes it is too difficult to recognize the most important drawbacks. 

He taught, there is a sample solution for this problem:” I think we should separate the children and students from adults. A child should be allowed to study everywhere and in every circumstance apart from documentation or an adult’s residency documents. Regarding identity we can provide some magazines and special books for children. The Children of Sun magazine took some steps in this way. On the other hand, Iran broadcasting can take steps to recognize immigrant children. Media can promote the culture of solidarity between people and society and also these issues need to be published in school books.


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