I do not know how can they consider us aliens ?! ISNA NEWS Agency

ISNAI do not know how can they consider us aliens ?!

An Afghan publisher says: Since people in Afghanistan and Iran are both speaking in the same language, at the Tehran Book Fair, it would be better to give Afghan publishers a booth in the section of domestic publishers, not in the section of foreign publishers. I do not know how they can consider us aliens !! The representative of Taak Publication at the 31st Tehran International Book Fair, about the impact of the Tehran Book Fair on strengthening and expanding cultural relations between Iran and Afghanistan, said to ISNA: The deepest knowledge that can be gained from any human community and country is through reading its books. Books that are written in any society are one of the best references for getting knowledge about that society. because their authors have grown up in that society and have understood the differences, behaviors, problems, joys, and sorrows, and these issues are intertwined with them. He added: “Despite the fact that we have been neighboring for years, we speak the same language and we have many historical and cultural backgrounds in common, but we still do not know much about each other. Iranians have asked me many times “do Afghans speak Persian?!” These are painful for me and for all us and show the lack of proper knowledge of the Iranian people about Afghanistan.” Emphasizing that there is a misunderstanding about Afghan society for Iranians, Mr. Mousavi said: “Iranians have a concept of war and destruction about Afghanistan & its society, they think that all Afghan people are illitrated simple workers; While that is not true. The Afghan community also has many more beautiful aspects. It has good writers who have been appreciated & awarded even in Iran, such as Mohammad Hossein Mohammadi, Rahnavard Zaryab and many others…. The book fair is an opportunity for us to import different books from Afghanistan to Iran and make them available for Iranian audiences. Reading these books gives our Iranian friends the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of Afghan society without having traveled to Afghanistan. Because these books are pure human experiences. these books are written by authors who has lived in that society. The head of the Khaneh-e-Kudakan-e-Afghanistan (Home of Afghanistan Children) publication and the editor-in-chief of Kudakan-e Aftab (Children of the Sun) magazine, stated: “Books are the best way to gain knowledge about any society. Fortunately, this ongoing cultural event (book fair) brings this valuable opportunity. Afghan writers have seen war, displacement, hatred and murder, they have experienced fratricide and ethnic and religious differences, so we can say these books are pure human experiences. last year, the majority of people who bought our books were Iranians, and when they read the books, they came back to us again because these books are amazing to them. He said that last year their booth was on a pass crowded by visitors: “People saw our books accidentally when they passed by our booth,” he said. We should change this. Every year they place our booth in the International Hall. Where no one can imagine to see a publication there. We are neither in the section of foreign publications nor in the section of public publications. Of course, the best is to to place our booth in the public publications section (in the domestic publications section) because our language is the same and I do not know how they consider us as aliens?! I hope that a plan will be devised so that next year we will be in the section of domestic publishers and our Iranian friends will benefit from our books to get acquainted with Afghanistan and its authors. Nader Mousavi referring to the holding of various meetings in the Ahl-e Ghalam Hall and the International Hall of the Tehran Book Fair, said: “It is a great tradition that in addition to selling books at the fair, meetings are held. In other words, in addition to selling books, authors from different countries get to know each other better and audiences get to know the authors too. Events, exchanging the ideas and writing take place, and authors get to know each other, and a strong connection develop that may last long, and we owe these all to the book fair. Authors from different countries may not see each other once a year, but the book fair has made the connection between the authors and their friendships stronger. The whole purpose of the book is to spread love and friendship among human beings. One of the most important benefits of the book fair is developing friendships between those who can not find each other anywhere else. The representative of Taak Publication booth, noting that many books are taken to Afghanistan from Iran said: You will find many people in Afghanistan who have read a book from Mahmoud Dolatabadi or Simin Daneshvar. Afghans are familiar with Iranian authors because so many books are taken to Afghanistan from Iran. but Iranian readers do not know  much about Afghan writers. It is great to provide the conditions for Afghan books to be introduced to Iranian readers. Iranians only know Khalid Hosseini, but I can say there are many books as good as “Kite Runner” that are neglected and less known in Iran. The book fair provides an opportunity for Afghan authors and their books to become better presented to Iranian audiences.

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