I am writing a letter to you

I am writing a letter to you- 7 August 2018

 Today I went to the primary school library.  In one of the rooms, the letters and writings of previous years were spread on the table.  For several weeks now, Syria has been categorizing them to be ready for scanning and then binding and booking.

 I picked up a bunch of sheets and looked.  My eyes fell on the letter of Amir Mohammad and Mohammad Shah.  Childish writings that show their pure and loving world.  Both were third graders.  Mohammad Shah went to Germany with his family that year, and a year later Amir Mohammad left us.

 Maybe we have more than ten, fifteen thousand pages of writings of children and colleagues.  The children’s letters to each other, to their teacher, to the principal and the supervisor, and to their Iranian neighbor, as well as the stories of their colleagues and their daily notes, (presence and absence) and other writings and protests, etc.  In 1392, these sheets had not been categorized so far, and I hope that they will be ready for scanning and binding by the end of the summer. These letters, manuscripts, and photographs are the only precious relics of my students and colleagues that I still hold, but a stronger thread that binds them all together and is etched in the hearts and minds of all of them, are sweet memories, which is the good days, when they are together and the friendships and joys they have created together. Dear Amir Mohammad and dear Mohammad Shah, wherever you are, be healthy and prosperous, and continue to be a good student and a representative of happiness, friendship and kindness in your small primary school.

Written by Nader Musavi

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