Hard times

Hard times- Written by Nader Musavi- 07 April 2020

Today I ran again with great difficulty. After running, I went to school. Although we have fenced off everywhere, I am still worried that thieves might somehow come back into the school. These days, most of these criminals are celebrating, because recently many of their comrades have been released from prison due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in prisons. Yesterday, as I was standing in front of the Real estate agency office, I saw some of them happily walking with their friends to their hangout, which is the park behind the school.

I unlocked the school door with fear and trembling, fortunately everything was ok. The Lunar bird, who has nested in the schoolyard, was slept peacefully next to its chickens. The chirping of the chickens could be heard in detail. I was happy because they had returned to school after they left for a few days last week. Now they were back in their nest and the chicks hatched.

I came to the library. Mr. Nowruzi was filling the small bottles with hand wash disinfectant liquid to give them to the student’s families along with the food and hygiene kits. I asked: “how you got the liquid out of the barrel!? With this hose?” He said: “with my mouth.” I said, “Oh, this is made with alcohol.” and jokingly told him: “Be careful not to drink it because it’ll make you drunk, Mr. Nowruzi” He laughed and said: “No, just a little bit came to my mouth which was bitter.”

I said: “you could empty the barrel without using your mouth.” He asked how? I took the hose and did the way I had just learned to drain the washing machine; I filled the hose with liquid, put one end in the barrel, and lowered the other end then released it, which fortunately it worked, and the disinfectant liquid flowed out of the barrel.

Ms. Esmaili was also preparing the address list of the families to whom we are going to take the food and disinfectant packages tomorrow. These days, unfortunately, the small savings of most families whom their students themselves or their mothers were working as day laborers, are coming to an end, and a time much harder than the corona disease and the scourge of poverty will suffocate them.

P.S: Choosh: to suck, Chal: Technique, Unfortunately the photo of the lunar chickens was missed.

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