Happy laughter

Happy laughter- Written by Nader Musavi- 25 December 2019

It has been around two weeks that school closed due to air pollution.  Although I feel nervous when school is open for even one hour, but I really miss the children these days. Their circles, where you can see their cheerful spirits and even listen to their simple complaints, I believe are the best places to alleviate stress and calm the preoccupied mind. I was browsing through my phone in the morning when this video caught my eye. I had taken it around one month and a half ago. I remember it was break-time the moment I was stepping out of the school when I saw a couple of the girls standing behind the door, mischievously writing something. So I took out my phone and started recording this scene when they saw me and started a hearty laugh.

It seemed as if they were writing something for one of their friends. Reihane, the naughty and sunny girl was among them too, laughing like always. We talked for a while and then I decided to head back to my office when one of them ran from behind my back and called me: “Mr. Musavi, this letter is yours”. I turned back and received the letter. It was from Parvane, a girl from second grade, a bit shy but very smart, kind and responsible who even works too. When her mother came to enroll her daughter for school, she started telling us, laughing in between, about the time she and Parvane had gone to a place and someone asked her to draw something. Parvane had drawn a picture of me and had written under it: I like Mr. Musavi.” When I heard this, my spirit was filled with joy, I held Parvane’s hands and told her: “thank you dear Parvane, I like you too and I’m very happy to have a good student like you”.

Now that schools are closed these days, I miss Parvane, Reihane, Elnaz, Maisa, and the other children, and I’m sure they have missed their school, class and teachers too. I hope this state of pollution ends soon and the kids return to school with smiles and joy. May your souls and bodies be at peace and in good health, dear “parvane”s.*

*Parvane is the word for “butterfly” in Farsi.

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