Happiness of raising


Happiness of raising- Written by Nader Musavi- 4 February 2018

Although it has been two weeks since we raised the flags of Afghanistan and Iran to a height of six meters in the school, due to the cold weather and successive off days or being late for the morning program, there was no opportunity to celebrate it together. But today in the morning program with the help of “Mostafa Hosseini”, a first grade student who proposed this event and “Abolfazl Akbari” who is the only Iranian mother student in our school (and I will write about him soon),  we raised the flags among the children’s joy, applause and cheers.

Before the celebration, I talked a little about the value of the flag for children and that the flag is a symbol of each country and the people love and respect their flag, and we should also respect the flags of other countries. Even if we do not like a country, we do not have the right to burn their flag or tear it and kick it or trample on it because the flag is for all the people of that country and they are respected.

It was a great day; The children learned good things about the flag, and most importantly, the flags of Iran and Afghanistan were raised together in a small celebration amidst the children’s joy and cheer.

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