Hidden education of writing and thinking

Hidden education of writing and thinking– Written by Nader Musavi- 25 March 2017

In the class children are not interested in direct teaching methods instead they learn much better with play based strategies and indirect learning process. It has been 3 years we changed the traditional class roll. We ask one of the nominated students to pass on the plain paper to present students to write their name with a creative sentence in front of it. Staff timesheet is the same. We have collected interesting information these years. At the early days I went to the class and asked about the new form. Students said they are thinking about the new sentence all day every day! I said good! That’s exactly what I was looking for. With teachers participations we gather students around the board at recess time and discuss their new sentences every day. Writing about new things they see around themselves helps them to progress with their writings every day and its very productive. Younger students start with one or two words and they learn as the go on. First grade students would write one word in front of their name when teacher wrote it done for them, by the mid-year they had learnt a lot of new words. Our plan is to make a booklet from these sentences and give it to each student at the end of year to keep a copy of their own words and their classmates and teachers sentences. The original copy remains in the school maybe one of them becomes like Ashraf Ghani one day; however, we are trying to avoid having such presidents, lawyers and politicians!

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