Goodbye- Written by Nader Musavi- 2019-05-21

Goodbye to the sweet children, goodbye to sympathetic and hardworking colleagues, goodbye to small and old school that was full of joy, laughter and friendship, goodbye to the school doves and their many chickens, goodbye to the noisy sparrows, goodbye to the melodious school’s bell, goodbye to the patient and kind neighbors of the school, goodbye to the small but full of love and knowledge and happiness classes, goodbye to the scratched and old but loyal desk and benches, goodbye to happy colors and beautiful paintings of the school, goodbye to another year that has passed, goodbye until the next school year and another new era.

Goodbye Hanieh, goodbye Asma, goodbye Sajjad, goodbye Amir Hossein, goodbye happy songs and happy laughs ….

P.S: Kachaloo: It means potato. Years ago, when I was going to shoot photos from the students, no matter how much I told them to laugh, no one laughed much. Even I asked them to say “Seeb” (apple) so that their mouth might take the form of laughter, but it still did not work. I thought of asking them to say “Kachaloo”, because it is a word that students have heard at their homes and they know its meaning, but they rarely use it outside, especially at school. So, when I said ‘Kachaloo’, I saw that they all laughed when they heard it, and then gradually we used the word ‘Kachaloo’ instead of ‘Seeb’ to take a smile on the students’ lips while shooting photos.

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