Friendship is beautiful

Friendship is beautiful- Written by Nader Musavi- 3 Jan 2018

Erfan and Baktash are both in first grade and very close friends. The Baktash family is from the Pashtuns* of Kabul and the Erfan family is from the Hazara* people.(*Two different ethnic in Afghanistan)
Children are good friends until the adults tell them something about the superiority of ethnics, nations, races and religions. it is a sick mentality and belief which separates the children. these immature adults dictate their mental clichés to children as well and make them enemies.
Children are happy and playing together, and their world is far from hatred and resentment if we let them be.
Today, while I was taking pictures photos in the yard, Erfan called me from upstairs to take a picture of him. As I wanted to take the photo, Baktash ran to him and hugged him and they smiled to the camera.

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