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Dr Hossein Soukhtanlou

For Nader

Don Juan, in his letters to Carlos Castaneda, talked about an extraordinary cosmos that is formless, inorganic, and chaotic, but which can be tamed. These cosmic energies are not good or evil in and of themselves, but they can be brought to life in different forms.Ordinary people won’t notice their existence, however a determined seeker can see them, and can feel them. Seeing the cosmic power in the world is one of the advantages that a Seeker can achieve through realisation of the truth behind the reality.

 Therefore, when a Seeker comes across a phenomenon, they have an ability to see the true nature of that. The phenomenon loses its façade, and the true nature will appear for the Seeker. For instance a dog or a crow can recognize an inorganic being in the form of a creature, and a human being can’t see that.

 Nader cannot be fooled! While ordinary people might pass disadvantaged kids by, Nader is like a Seeker; and like those Seekers discovering unseen cosmic energies, he discovers these kids and can make and shape them.

 Nader is one of the greatest people that I have met.

 Stay Safe Nader, Dr. Hossein Soukhtanloo- 28 Feb 2020

farhang-schoolWritten by Hossein Sukhtanloo- 23 June 2018

Human being- In the world. (Afghanistan children house) ten years ago, perplexity and quandary leaded me to this house. Place and time had a different plan for my existence. We shared both fears and hopes, as well as many bitterness and sweets, and more importantly, for me, it was a solid string which I could hold on to for being alive. Next October, I will probably leave the most and the only cheerful color of belonging. I will leave this house because human being means nonce. May your life be prosperous because you brought worlds of prosperity happiness and literacy to the world.



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