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First grader

During my teaching years, first graders were always my most beloved students. In my opinion, they’re the sweetest and cutest students in the entire school. I have no good memory of my first year of elementary school. Our teacher was so short-tempered that all the students were afraid of her. That year we had two classes of first graders. I remember that once in the early days of school when I didn’t understand the rules of the school well, I went to the other first graders class. Just because I was afraid of my own teacher and I thought the other teacher was kinder because every time I saw her she had a smile on her face. But that kind teacher sent me back to my own class and my teacher reprimanded me . It made me very sad, but I couldn’t do anything…

One of my worst memories which is stuck in my mind is the face of a girl named “Zahra”. She seemed to be older & stronger than other students, But that day She began crying in a way that made us all scared. The teacher’s reaction was even worse. She shouted at the poor girl loudly & made her cry more than before and it made myself and the other students cry too.  

I had a terrible teacher in the first year of school so the first day of school became one of the most bitter memories of all my entire life. However I have respect for her because she taught me how to write & read so I am indebted to her. I can remember her well, not for her love & kindness but because of the bad memories she made for me. Memories that will never be forgotten & I don’t like to remember them.

I am proud of the “Farhang” School. I’m really glad that I can see smiling faces when I enter a class, something that you can’t find everywhere. This means that students are not scared of the teachers. You can find this kind and friendly atmosphere not only between students and teachers, but also between every set of colleagues. Most of all, I can feel it when I go to another class to see one of my colleagues. This image is of one of those occasions.

PS: As someone who has been teaching for nine years, I can say that if you want to estimate the atmosphere of a school and the relationship between teachers and students, head to their first grade classes. You will find many things there. 

Written by Mojgan Nazari -2014-24-05

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