Farsi- Written by Nader Musavi- 24 September 2020

I came out of the school and saw these four people standing; Tidy and trim. I asked their names; Mihan, Hadi, Mehdi and their family relative Milan. They said they had just arrived from Afghanistan, from Ghazni province, Malistan region. I talked to them for a while. When “Mihan” was answering me with a little Dari accent, Milan said: “speak in Iranian accent!”

It was very interesting to me. I asked: Do you know how to speak Iranian? Speak a little Iranian. He said: “I appreciate it, thank you!” ( With an iranian accent).As he was explaining, my phone stopped recording due to the full storage! and I could not capture the beautiful parts of our conversation.

Mihan, Mehdi, Milan and Hadi grew up in the central regions of Afghanistan and their language is Farsi. It is noteworthy that these days Farsi is wrongly considered as two different languages ​​on both sides of the border.

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