Farahnaz- Written by Nader Musavi- 07-23-18

Two days ago and at the beginning of the day, I saw that a message and some pictures came. It was from Farahnaz from Kabul. A student who had studied in here almost eleven years ago. She wrote: ” Good morning sir. I sent you this letter and these pictures because I wanted to share my happiness with you. Yesterday I got the news about my acceptance in the Public Relations Department of Presidential Communications. I wanted to give you the news. I know that you would be happy for the success of your students.
I sent my regards and wished her the best.
Before this Farahnaz was the principal of a school in Kabul and sporadically she asked me questions about controlling the school. In her writings, she mentioned the time she was here and studied here as good days and thanked for it. She wrote that” the time that I was the principal I even helped in coloring the school door I tried to a principal like you” and she sent a picture of a memorial trophy which I gave to my students on those days. She wrote ” my sister and I still have this trophy”
Reading Farahnaz’s letter and seeing her pictures at the beginning of the day made me really ecstatic. I was happy that another student from the old years of school found her way.
I remember her and her younger sister had studied for years. That year they were not registered by any school. Both of them were studios, persevere and joyful girls.

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