Familiar Sisters

School yard – 29th April 2017

Bahareh and Selseleh are sisters. They have been studying in our school since preschool. We only have three grade 9 students and two of them are Bahareh and Selseleh.

Bahareh and Selseleh are the first students who have studied at our school for 10 consecutive years.

Each year, most students leave our school to transfer to a government school after resolving their migration status. Bahareh and Selseleh have done the same several times but have always had to come back to our school. 

This year they only attended a government school for a month before needing to come back because of their lack of immigration documents. Sometimes I tell Selseleh as a joke that she will not leave us before getting her Ph.D. here and that we should build a university just for her sake. 

Yesterday I went to the school during their break time and I asked them to take a selfie with me. The following photo is the result of lots of requests to get a photo with the children. ☺ 

Dear Bahareh and Selseleh, may you always be full of life and may the stories of your progress and happiness be continuous 😍🍀🌷

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