Engagement and embezzlement!

Engagement and embezzlement!- Written by Nader Musavi- 18 January 2020

On Saturdays they had theatre class with Mr. Mansuri. A happy class mixed with art where they learn how to live happily together. The teacher called for delay, today. until he got here, a group of them was reading in the library and some of them were looking for a book and a few of them were talking and laughing in the corridor. I wanted to go out. While passing by them, I heard them laughing aloud. They were Kolsum, Maysa, Reyhaneh, Parvaneh and their other friends; The happy group of the school. Whom you can hear laughing on break-times. I stood and looked at them for a little while. When they saw me they even laughed louder.
I asked what they are doing.
“We are defalcating.” Kolsum said.
“Pardon! Defalcating?” I said.
And they laughed again.
“…Confabulating.” the other one said.
I took out my phone out to record the moment. We kept on talking. When I was leaving their laughter was still echoing in my head. Laughter of friendship, kindness and liveliness.
Be happy sweet girls!
May your joys last and your songs resonate.

* in Persian, it’s “Ekhtelat kardan”= to chat, to confabulate”
and “Ekhtelas kardan”= to misuse funds, to defalcate”
Sometimes people use them wrong.

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