Eating Aash at school

Eating Aash at school (Aash: a liquid cuisine with noodles, beans and its specific vegetables.)- Written by Nader Musavi

1 March 2017

On Wednesday, we had a cooking and eating ceremony and as colleagues had suggested, it was Aash. The students were cooperating. Luckily, Aash was ready when I got to school. The children spread out old carpets and rugs and banners in the yard and sat in three rows. Then they took their bowls one by one. I also took a bowl of Aash and went to sit with first grade girls. As soon as we ate and laughed, the nice girl sitting next to me suddenly said: “Mr. Mousavi, how funny you are today!” I asked: “how come?” She said: “oh, you look so funny today!” I pulled a funny face at her and said: “you look very funny too!” and we laughed together.

After we ate, ceremony was done, I went to their classroom and I grabbed two of their puppets from the cupboard and played a short puppet show for them by changing my voice, behind the teacher’s chair. They loudly ask for one more time, together.

Mr. Noruzi also had a camera in his hand to frequently take pictures of the children and their cheers and happy laughter. At the same time Lost among the children in the crowd, I ate too much Aash till I felt sick and dizzy so I got out of school “according to the compatriots” before Aash seeped out of my mouth.

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