Cooperating in the making of a documentary

The same way issues regarding educational problems of immigrant children were not demonstrated in the media and publications, there were also no signs of them in films and reports. To allow cameras inside an independent school was a risky thing for a school principle to do and it might result to closing the school. Until then, there was only one film called “September Eleven” that was recorded in one the independent schools and showed the effects of the attack on the life of an immigrant child. Until that time, there were no films made directly about these schools and their problems.


  • It was in 2004 that a film called “To The Sunset” was made about several Afghan child labor immigrants and most of its parts were filmed in Farhang School. It showed the problems immigrant children face in life and education.
  • In 2006, I cooperated with an immigrant documentarist to create the first documentary on educating immigrant children and the closure of independent schools called “The Teacher’s Last Homework”.
  • In 2008, the school’s pursuits and my work resulted in the production of a documentary called “My Small Country” which clearly demonstrated the problems and needs of these educational centers.
  • Also in 2010, the cooperation between UNICEF and Iran’s Ministry of Interior led to the making of a documentary called “Neighbors” which was about me and my activities, and the life of successful immigrant students in Iran. It also demonstrated the importance of attending to education.
  • “The Father of Independent Schools” was made in 2016. Another documentary that went on-air many times on Iranian TV. It was about my life and work, and how Farhang School and other independent schools came to be.
  • The documentary called “You’re Not a Stranger” showed my efforts in publications and promoting book-reading for immigrant children and was broadcasted from TV.
  • “Maybe the Future Is Ours” was a documentary made in 2018 that received much attention, showing my work, Farhang School’s activities, the problems among families and the labor of immigrant children. This film was played in Sweden’s Short Film Festival in 2019.
  • “The Kite Flyer” was made in the spring of 2019 displaying the school and its joyful activities immigrant children engage with. It hasn’t yet been broadcasted.

We aren’t strangers! 31 Aug 2016

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