Dearest Guests

Dearest Guests- Written by Nader Musavi- 29 October 2017

Belgheys, Nargess, and Sakineh Mohammadi
Yesterday we had six very dear guests: three sisters who had come from far away, Shahrbanoo and her father, and of course, the great Mr. Setayesh-Mehr — a gentle, well-spoken, handsome, and lovely man, but above all, hard core in follow-through and support of hard-working and studious children. We talked for two or three hours and heard the stories of the artist sisters and Shahrbanoo.
Shahrbanoo had brought her wish list and her writing…that she wants to someday, study at the world’s best university, and asked me, as the principal of her previous years, to write a memento, something that would help her in her path. I wrote “if you combine the energy of your youth with discipline, organization, resolve, and hard work you will achieve all of your dreams as these few attributes together result in something awesome.” Also, it was interesting and well worthy of praise to hear from such artist sisters, who with the least of resources and opportunities, and relying only on their own determination, willpower, and hard work have created such lasting pieces…way above their peers and those around them.
P.S. 1: Ms. Shahrbanoo left and I forgot to take this picture, and also, Mr. Setayesh said that he has sworn not to appear in front of camera until he has lost a few kilograms of his weight!
P.S. 2: When taking this picture, Mr. Setayesh said something that made me laugh, for I am not that imaginative!



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