Dear Yunes

Dear Yunes- Written by Guli Qasemi (former student of Farhang school)- 19 November 2020

It was a few days ago when he came for the registration with his mother and sister. I could tell how energetic he was from the first visit and I wished his teacher lots of patience! He was unable to go to school in Harat due to war and he could not go to school in Iran when he arrived 2 years ago due to his visa issues. He started in study groups. Because he could not learn what he had to learn in those volunteer study groups he had to sit in a lower grade in school with younger children.  He was very upset at the beginning and he said he does not want to go to school anymore. I spoke to him and told him he is not the only person who has to start over. There are other students like you in the class. I told him how I was two years behind and had to start over again. He accepted and now he is a student. He works at a yogurt production line and helps his family financially by working after school. He wished to become a police officer in one of his notes. Apparently he had been in a wedding last night; like other guests, he had a Henna dye on his hand. Usually it’s not your name but he had a very different dye of his name in his palm. I thought to myself nobody liked themselves as much as Yunes does. Lucky him! I wish I could be like him!


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