Embroidered handkerchiefs

written by Rehane Bayani Published in 2018

embroidered handkerchiefs

Reyhaneh Bayani, born in 1982, is an Afghan immigrant writer. In this collection, the author has tried to express the feelings and concerns of immigrant women and girls in the form of thirteen short stories and with using a feminine style and to acquaint the reader with the spirits of this group of Afghan community.

Part of the book:
Sana slowly walked to Salima and stood beside her. Salima got up to give the phone to her, As Senna tried to do her dishevelled hair, whispered: “What can I say?” Salima’s eyes laughed and said: take it. She took the phone and sat down. A kind voice was heard. Sana! Hello, dear! She was following the tangles and twists of arabesque traceries on the carpet, her lips were pressed together. The voice got louder: Sana! My dear girl. I can’t hear you.

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