Dar khaneh baradar (at brother’s home)

Dar khaneh baradar (at brother’s home)- Written by Nader Musavi- 23 June 2019

Today I bought the book «At Brother’s Home» written by Dr. Arash Nasr Isfahani. A research book on afghan refugees and their life stories in Iran, based on his doctoral dissertation, «Social Rejection.» It is interesting for me that he defended his dissertation exactly three years ago on January 24, 2016. From the beginning of field researches, I was honored to help him with this research and dissertation just as it is mentioned by Mr. Isfahani in the preface of the book. I will finish reading the book as soon as I can. This book is the life story of myself & every other Afghan refugee in Iran. And we’ve lived every word of this book for all our lifetime.
From the beginning of my collaborations in this research, I found Arash an intelligent, courageous, and precise person, who spares no effort to find the truth. His main purpose of this research is to Increase Iranian society awareness about the hardships of refugee life and reduce the difficulties of Afghan refugee life in Iran. It is worthwhile for scientific and literary circles and associations of refugees to appreciate this valuable effort and arrange special programs for it so that we can acquaint policymakers in this field with the findings of the researcher and the ideas of the book . And show their respect & supports for such valuable works hopefully, we will see such courageous and effective actions more than before.

PS: The photos are related to the defense session of Dr. Isfahani’s dissertation on
January 24, 2016

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