Cry of Stone

2017-05-25, Year 1’s Alphabet Celebration

Yesterday and today were the end of academic year celebrations and ceremonies.

Today a Year 1 student also had their alphabet celebration. We played music, strutted, ate sweets, had drinks, made artwork, we all laughed a lot and every one of us had a speech in front of the camera as a way to persevere today’s celebrations.

Every year, the last day of school is the day of crying for students. Nevertheless, today I was happy as I saw the students were happy and thankful that we had spent a year together. I watched as they were saying bye to school and teachers at the end of the day.

This School’s lovely and it has adorable students! Hope you will all be proud and happy wherever you happen to be and that you all will spread and plant the seeds of kindness, friendship, and wisdom in this soil.


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