Creators of happiness and laughter

Creators of happiness and laughter- Written by Nader Musavi- 3-14-19

The most part of the purchase order is done and now new clothes and shoes are being distributed among the kids since yesterday. Today I was at the library and I saw happy faces of the kids who now wear their shoes and shirts, along with their pants to check the size and when it was fit they exited the library joyfully. The best part was when a four-year-old girl after wearing her dress said to my colleague ” wow! I’m so beautiful” and we all really enjoyed that moment.
Fortunately, this year because so many generous people contributed to the school we were able to buy a high-quality uniform in time. I hope in the following days all the students could have their new clothes and before arriving of Noroz they could look at their new clothes and enjoy, at night they could have vivid dreams and in the morning they would get up to look at their clothes again. This is what makes the Noroz memorable.
Thanks to all the generous people who supported us. You, dear friends, are the creators of these kids happiness and laughter.

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