Clowns Without Borders!

Clowns Without Borders- Written by Nader Musavi- 10 November 2019
Today, Deppo and Seppi of the Clowns Without Borders Group from Germany visited our school. They staged beautiful and jolly performances for the children and brightened their day with laughter and joy. At the end of the performance, the man clown, whose name I guess was Deppo, gave me as a souvenir, a red sponge ball that could be fixed on the nose.
He said whenever you were really sad and in times of hardship put this ball on your nose and take a look at yourself in the mirror. You will definitely become happy. I fixed it on my nose right away, and the kids burst into laughter. On the way to the theatre I noticed that the children are complaining one another while walking very slowly in the queue.
I gathered them together and said there is no need to walk in a queue anymore. They all screamed and giggled in joy. I continued: we all walk together like the birds who do not queue but they fly together, wherever they fly. One of the girls added: they fish also swim the the sea together. I said well-done! Exactly like the school of fish or the flock of birds stay and walk together.
I realised that the children feel more at ease in this way, we will cross the street easier, while it is less of a hassle for them. It was a memorable day for the kids. With many thanks to my dear friends at the assembly of Yaran-e Danesh o Mehr who have made this possible for the kids to go to this joyful performance.
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