Children’s Literature and Discrimination

Children’s Literature and Discrimination- Written by Nader Musavi

25 Oct 2018

The second day I had a meeting with the respected Mr. Ali Azghar Said Anadi, an innovator and active writer for kids and youth. He is also founder of The Flying Turtle Award and advisor to the minister of Islamic Guidance. I have known him for a few years now and he has a positive view about Afghan literature and its leaders in this field. 

At the meeting I had a chance to make a point about the pain Afghan kids endure because of the discrimination they face in Iran. 

Unfortunately, after forty years of migration, children’s literature has not been able to erase or lessen the ideas Iranian children have toward Afghan children in regards to them being foreigners or their border differences. School educational systems and literature also was not able to teach children of this country unity and partnership to those who speak the same language as them, who live in the same cities as them, and those who stand together with them. How will they be able to teach them sociology and living in peace with people out of their borders and around the world?

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