Children of the Sun Booth

Children of the Sun- Written by Nader Musavi- 8 May 2015

Khaneh-e-Kudakan-e-Afghanistan (Afghanistan Children’s Home) publication booth.

Today, my educated and dear friend, Mr. Moheghi, came from Mashhad to visit the book fair. He also visited the Afghanistan Children’s Home publication booth, At the same time, my dear friend Mohsen Hosseini (who had come here from Kabul for a few days) also arrived. We were talking when Mr. Atai also joined us. We talked for a few minutes and when they were about to leave, we took this picture. I wanted to talk more seriously with Mr. Moheghi about his collaboration with the literary and poetry section of Kudakan-e-Aftab (Children of the sun) Magazine, but the noisy environment of the exhibition and the hustle and bustle and visitors did not allow us to do that. However, in our short conversation about cooperation, we made general agreements, and I think that by working together, we can publish a fruitful and notice-worthy magazine for children. Meanwhile, the first issue of the magazine will be published tomorrow, and I hope it will be ready for Monday, as promised to the visitors.


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