Calamity of war


Naymatullah and Me

14-7-10- Naymatullah is in third grade and he lives with his uncle after suffering the loss of his dad in the civil war. Although he suffers from emotional and psychological trauma due to witnessing war and gun fires as a child, he is a very calm and peaceful boy. He minds his own business at school and usually is busy reading his textbooks.

Last year he finished second grade with high scores, however this year because of his age he couldn’t register in school and had to wait until I could create a class for his age group. Since he has a great desire for learning he came several times to register in a class and every time I had to tell him to wait because there weren’t enough students to create a third-grade class. His persistence paid off, and I had no choice but to register him with a few other students to create a third-grade class for them.

He came today and got his books, I saw him before he left. The registerer told me that when Naymatullah came to get his books he was very happy, but Naymatullah told me, “Miss, you caused me a lot of sadness and distress,” I asked him, “Why?” He said, “All those days I couldn’t come to school made me very sad.”

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